Wednesday, June 2, 2010

looooooooooooooooooooonng weekend

My man did let me accompany him to Sam's Club Saturday night, I had to ride in the elec cart.  I hadn't had any spotting all day Sat.!
Sunday and Monday went spot-free, if memory serves (sometimes it does not).  Then Tuesday I had strange dark spotting- very little though and very short lived. 
I've decided to switch OBs if at all possible.  I called Dr. McAlister's office, told the woman my life story (first mistake), and she told me that since I would be a "transfer OB patient" I would have to arrange for all my medical records to be sent to them, then when they all arrived the Dr's would have a meeting about it and decide if they were willing to accept my care.  WHAT!?!??!!???
So I called Dr. Bradford and spoke with his nurse.  She said she had that problem with them all the time, and to call back and set up and appointment and they would go ahead and start faxing my records over.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still on bedrest....

After a great deal of consideration, I decided not to call the Dr. the next morning, and they didn't call me (which I thought was a little odd, but whatever).  I continued to spend most of the week in bed or the recliner. D did some school work but I'm pretty sure he's mostly playing computer games.  I'm hoping to encourage him to play outside more today- I'm thinking I'll just set up a couple of wicker chairs so I can keep my feet up and go out there with him.  Since he has no siblings, he gets pretty bored outside by himself.  I can't really blame him- even though I used to play outside by myself as a child all Summer.

So Melanie, Betsy and Dianne brought us dinners this week (fabulous!) and I thought the spotting had all cleared up.  Since I had not spotting all day Friday I was planning to ask B if I could take him to work and keep the truck, so D and I could get some groceries (with me riding on the electric cart while there).  But then Friday night I suddenly had more spotting- so today I am home in bed again.  I don't love it, but I'll do whatever I have to do.   

Monday, May 24, 2010

maybe not so great

got in to see the OB this a.m.  She did the u/s, the baby was sitting right there looking perfect, she said she didn't know what the bleeding was from- couldn't find a hemorrhage or anything.  She said to stay close to home, but I don't actually have to stay in bed... but I can't walk too far or long, stand too long, or do any cleaning.

That was 10:00 this morning.  While resting in the recliner around 2;30 this afternoon, I suddenly felt all kinds of activity and ran to find loads of blood and tissue.  we can't determine any identifiable parts, just a lot of tissue (we hope).  Called Dr back.  She said to stay in bed and call back in the morning and I'll probably go in and see the OB and have another ultrasound.

I don't guess I was ever meant to have a normal pregnancy.  D may still get to be an only child yet.....

just keeping up

So that I don't forget the dates entirely, I better get it all written down.
Wednesday (5/19) the Wheelers took D & I to look at shelter dogs (Gizmo needs a dog now w/India gone) but the one in our town was closed on Weds.  We looked in nearby towns and decided to try back the following day.
So Thursday afternoon they picked us up and we went to the local animal shelter.  From there we checked out a shelter in a neighboring town, and when I used the bathroom before leaving the facility I noticed spotting.  We had intended to go to another shelter, but Celeste decided we would go to the Dr. instead.
I was on and off the phone with said Dr for a while, and eventually they said I needed to go to radiology at the hospital for ultrasound.  I was almost there by the time they came up with that instruction.
Aunt Jenn came and got most of the kids, and I had both types of ultrasound.  The baby was sitting there as usual, heart rate was 150 bpm and the tech didn't know where the spotting had come from.
The next day the spotting finished clearing up and I called the nurse who said I needed to stay off my feet- no cleaning, shopping, etc....
By Saturday the spotting was gone but I stayed on bed rest. B did the cooking and cleaning up after (sort of) and D entertained himself mostly.  He did watch a movie with me- he was very sweet. =)\
Early Sunday morning I awoke feeling moist, and went to check and found bright red (heavier) bleeding with some clotting/tissue.  I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and it's starting to taper off again.  I'm starting to think it's another subchorionic hemorrhage, which I wasn't expecting but have heard you can carry to term with it and sometimes it resolves itself by 20 weeks or so.  I'm hoping to get in to see the Dr. today (Monday) instead of waiting until tomorrow.  If I can get a real u/s at the breast center it'll be far less painful than my new OB doing it, plus they will be able to see a lot more because it's a far more sensitive machine.  I'm also going to call my Fam Dr. who is an MD as well as a naturopath, to ask about red raspberry leaf capsules someone told me to take 9 of every day.  I worry that toning your uterus in early pregnancy might be similar to starting an exercise program after conceiving, when you hadn't been exercising before?  There's actually a great deal of conflicting information online.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ha haaaa!

I've been wanting to write down all my pregnancy info, but worried that since we haven't announced to the general public that we are expecting- we're hoping this is a full-term pregnancy but w/past experience we're really uncertain- that more people would be on the band-wagon than we had intended if I posted on facebook notes or even on my regular blog.  Since only sweet Alissa follow this particular blog, perhaps no one else will bother to look over here. =) (And Alissa knows)

So I took the pregnancy test at Celeste's house the afternoon of Thursday, April 29.  It came back really positive, really quickly.  So I called Dr. Pres. Bradford from the bathroom, and told (Pres Bradford's wife, actually, answered the phone at his office) a brief history of me and set up an appointment for the next morning.  D-Ball had to miss the Rocky Branch One Room School House activity we had signed up for, but it couldn't be avoided b/c Pres. Bradford had surgeries the rest of that day.

So I went in, he drew blood, we chatted briefly.  He said I could walk slowly in a straight flat line (not fast, no inclines) but that's all I could do for exercise.  And nothing to raise my blood pressure. He prescribed prometrium because my progesterone has always been too low in the past, and told me to take over the weekend and come back on Monday for more bloodwork.

I went in the following Monday, and the hCG from Friday was 1800, but progesterone was only 13.6 (it needed to be 15 or better).  I had to keep taking the prometrium, and he drew blood for both hCG and progesterone again, and did a pap smear.   The next morning they told me my hCG was up to 19.4 (with prometrium) and whatever hCG was it had gone up appropriately.

This past Monday was 6 weeks 3 days, and we all (A-ball,D-ball & I) went in for an ultrasound. The baby was in the uterus as it should be, and we could see the little heartbeat and everything measured just right.  The ultrasound measured in at 6weeks 4 days, so it was only one day off.

Today I had my first appointment with Dr. Laura Collins' office.  It was the one where they go over my entire past medical history, which thankfully they still have a lot of it from when Dr. Bradford was with that practice.  I updated them with bladder sling, pannectomy, and gastric bypass info and current meds.  They drew blood for I'm not certain what, but she included a TSH to see if we need to adjust my synthroid while pregnant.  I asked if I could do more exercise now, and she politely replied,"Are you under the impression that you are not high-risk?"  I told I thought I would be less so now, since losing 100 lbs (OBVIOUSLY I still need to lost 50-70 more, but still!) and I'm no longer diabetic, hypertensive, or have sleep apnea.  She said I might be minimally less high-risk, but it "doesn't count" and I can still only walk slowly in a straight flat line.  She pointed out the big, red "High-risk" stickers posed all over my medical charts just to reinforce it.

I have an appointment next Tuesday with Dr. Collins herself, who will do a full exam, possibly another ultrasound (?? not sure why) and then "we'll chat" she said.  They gave me a bunch of pamphlets and info, including the one about being old and preggo at the same time.  Ugh.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow- i'm behind as usual.....

The trip to/from CA & ID really took it out of me. We got a late start to school this year, but I'm really not that concerned about it since we are homeschooling and can work at our own pace. We've been going strong for the last two weeks.

We've been concentrating on the basics for the most part. We are using Pathway Readers for reading allowed, including the comprehension workbook that goes with each of the readers. I'm big on reading aloud, and since it's only DBall and I we just take turns reading the little stories. Then D does the workbook pages- which I usually stretch out over two days or more.

We're still using Singapore math, and the workbook that goes with it. Come to find out he really enjoys going over the pictures in his text book, so we're careful to look at each one now. It helps him see it in [his] head" he tells me.

I do have some spelling words I got from another program Celeste is using, and it's been going really well. We've recently come upon a few words he's having quite a bit of trouble with (neighbor, though, eight??) but Celeste is going to let me use her Spelling to Read & Write phonics things which might make spelling even easier for him (I hope).

D reads silently at least 50 pages a day, unless I have him read more. We're also working on cursive, though he doesn't seem all that interested in it for some reason. I am definitely interested in it though- so he's going to do it.

I've been having him practice soccer dribbling, drop kicks and goal kicks. Also we started out walks again this morning- we were gone a little over 30 mins and he rode his scooter the whole time. We have Science Club (that Celeste and I teach) every other Friday, and Art Class on the opposite Fridays. We also have Science at Celeste's house on Mondays occasionally- which D really enjoys.

The goal is for him to go to bed by 8:30 on nights when he doesn't have soccer practice, chess club or Cub Scouts.... so he can get up at 6:30 for Family Prayer before B leaves for work. The other nights he will just go ASAP, because he's still getting up at 6:30 and refuses to nap.

Whew- I think that's all for now. Off to shower- and I need to start the crockpot quesadillas!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books I've requested for DBall from the local library....

DBall really like cartoons/comics. He was for several weeks "reading" huge volumes of old Peanuts comics. Then he found Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Unfortunately there's only 4 books in the entire Wimpy Kid series.... so now he's back to moaning and complaining about how he hates to read. (clearly the boy gets this from his father- I'd rather read than eat half the time). Today I was searching online for books that might peak his interest, and I ran across a few on Amazon that looked at least somewhat promising. I was able to locate them in our local library system soI "requested" them there, and hopefully in the next few days they will have them ready for me to pick up. Tomorrow would be ideal since it's "library day"- but I'm not overly optimistic they'll all be available by then. Certainly the ones in the actual Springdale library should be able to be gathered off the shelves by then, so he should have SOMETHING to read for the next few days anyway. Here's a brief list of some of the books we're hoping will be worth reading, to an almost 8 y/o who insists he "hates to read":

Andrew Lost On the Dog
Nate the Great
Gecko and Sticky
Lawn Boy
39 Clues Maze of Bones
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Animal Rescue Club
Detective Camp

Well that's a few of them anyway.I hope he likes them. He's going to read them either way, but it would really be more peaceful of me if he didn't feel compelled to complain about it the whole entire time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A little update......

Singapore math is going well so far. The workbooks are really handy, and it's been review for the most part. I should know more when I actually have to teach him something I suppose. When he does do math, he generally does 2 exercises each day.

I'm using the spelling program Celeste shared with me. It was a lot of redundancy on the child's part though, and the 'tests' were cold tests, as the child had never seen the word ahead of time. This was extremely frustrating for DBall, so I've kept the actual words but devised a new program for using them. It's nothing fancy or ingenious, I just typed the words out with a long line next to them for him to write a sentence with each word. Then he will test over those words tomorrow. Since we're basically only doing 4 days/week of school, he will have two spelling tests per week.

I have found most of the Pathway Readers, with their Teacher's editions and children's workbooks. Unfortunately the issues for his grade/reading level are missing the actual readers.... so I need to write the Amish to secure them, or look for them on ebay prehaps. Fortunately there is a reading program at the library again this Summer, and they would like them to read 3 books per week. At least he won't forget how to read altogether!

He does also spend a lot of time playing with legos, which I figure couldn't hurt him much. He builds all kinds of things, including what the set was meant to build plus whatever else he thinks of. In the last few weeks he's become increasingly more cheerful, and less morose. I don't know if he was depressed or what, but he liked literally nothing, never laughed anymore, said everything was "boring", and moped around every day. I HATED it. I am SO RELIEVED he's reverting back to his original happy personality.

Okay I think that's all for the moment.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Have officially started Singapore math

and so far, so good. It seems so simple, and non-repetitive that I think we will both be able to deal with it well. Of course today's worksheets were completely review for him, but I hope he will continue to enjoy it when he's actually learning new things as well.

DBall informed me today that he does not like Time4 Learning and doing school work on the computer. He requested that I find a Language Arts curriculum that includes a book and worksheets for him to do. PLEASE HELP if you know of anything that sounds remotely like this please!!!

We're occasionally doing spelling, but he isn't enjoying cold spelling words at all. So I've decided to - when I get around to it- print off the words for him and give him a couple days to become familiar with them, then test once or twice a week.

Okay that's all for the moment, but please feel free to suggest away for language arts curriculum!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not keeping up so well.....

We manage to keep fairly BUSY all the time with homeschooling. I sometimes manage to update my regular (Coleman Chaosity) blog, but clearly am falling behind on this one.

We've been on several field trips and tomorrow is the last day of Treehouse. There's also a big meeting there to set up officers and such, and decide classes and organization as one of the founders is moving away, and the other two (founders? I guess?) don't want to assume the presidency or vice presidency of the organization. I did not volunteer for Pres. or VP exactly, but did say that I would be willing to fill one of several other positions. We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

Wednesday we have a fieldtrip to the Stanley's tire bale home in Rogers. It sounds- well, tedious at best to me (from their perspective, I mean if *I* were building a tire bale home) but ought to be an interesting fieldtrip. Here are some links about it: FreShare article and Zimbio article. I recently heard something about filling plastic 2-liter bottles with concrete for insulation? I'll try to remember to take my camera.

Never having found the Saxon math items I was purported to have, I've decided to try Sinapore math for real now. My understanding is that is isn't repetitive, and once you 'get' it you can move on. DBall doesn't love rehashing the same thing over and over.... it kind of traumatizes him. I'm optimistic this math will 'work' for him.

I've yet to find anything other than what I call "comic books" (graphic novels, Peanuts books, Marvel comics all bound together, etc.) that DBall will read without complaining. He does enjoy the Black Lagoon series, but they're really short and he's read all that we can find here. I love to read, and I just can't understand why he doesn't love it?! Well, obviously I know his father hates to read so clearly he gets it from his father. What I guess I don't understand is why he got the OCD and perfectionism from me, and couldn't at least have gotten my love for reading as well.

Alright my head is pounding. I think I've found a Dr. who in theory accepts my medical insurance and also prescribes Armour Thyroid. I need to make an appointment with him for myself this week. Also need to make dental appointments for DBall and I at a new dental practice nearby. Aball has made himself an appointment with a LASIK surgeon to have his surgery the last week of May.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I never found the Saxon math.....

and I'm looking into Singapore math for the time being. I'm fairly satisfied that D-Ball's on target for his grade level (maybe a little above) and AceBall is fairly proficient at math and encourages him to do more. There are many positive reviews online; I've yet to find a negative one. I'm not sure if this is because they're all advertising for Singapore math, or because no one has any qualms with it? It doesn't seem to go over and over and over stuff ad nauseum- which is positive because neither I nor DBall can deal with that.

Alright I have to go now. :) I'm excited that we're moving out of this house, and remain concerned that I'm not concerned whetehr or not I can properly educate my child.

From main blog (Coleman Chaosity) 1st April 2009

We did finally start Time 4 Learning. DBall did a lot of math yesterday, and some language arts + Science today. He really likes the Science best, but they have very few of them on that site/program. Going to have to send him to Celeste's for Science enrichment activities every week.

In regards to homeschooling, I kind of wonder why I'm not worried. I mean, I can't actually figure out what my mindset on the topic is. I thought I would be concerned that I couldn't do it, or that he would be "behind" (behind what exactly, I don't know). I haven't ruled out putting him back in public school if we decide that's what he needs, but for the moment I don't think that's what he needs. He was a pretty good bit ahead anyway, but I hope I'm not subconsciously slacking because I figure "he's ahead of the game anyway....."? I'll have to ponder it some more. I've prayed about it, and I still feel like this is the right thing to do. I'm still surprised that I'm not more worried for some reason.

Today we had TreeHouse and that went pretty well. I asked him if he liked all 3 of the classes he's taking there (I have to pay for them, after all) and he indicated that the first one wasn't "all that". I asked if he'd like to drop it, and he said,"No, I don't hate it... and I do have friends in that class!"LOL. There's only 3 people total in the class.

Tomorrow is library, plus T4L and typing in the afternoon I'm thinking. I totally forgot about typing today- I should write that down. I didn't get my daily chore done today, but tomorrow is open so I can work it in there. Presently I don't even recall what it is. I really love the vacuuming days since we got Paco (the roomba).

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tentative schedules

Just so I can see it in black and white and work on it some.

Wake up
Eat Breakfast
Family Prayer
Get Dressed
Walk to Park
Time 4 Learning

after lunch reading aloud and nappies :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A little more official

Yesterday I told DBall's 2nd grade teacher that I would be pulling him out at 9 weeks and homeschooling him. She was not impressed, to say the least. I actually was surprised by her reaction. She informed me that she wasn't a fan, and she was extremely concerned about socialization with other children and adults. I personally don't think this could possibly be a problem, but I've noted her concerns. They also don't love that he's one of their best students, and with all the illegal aliens their standardized test scores may not be quite as high without him.

I also filled out the intent to homeschool and Ace & I turned it in at the Springdale Administration offices this morning. I'm excited! I'm in the process of signing him up for three afternoon classes at the Treehouse. He will only have 4 more times to go really before the end of the semester, but it'll give him an opportunity to try it out before going for one full day a week starting in the Fall.

Alright I've got to check the night's lineup, and see about the weather (it's thundering, lightening and raining- Oh My!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Homeschooling Curricula on hand

So far I've found the McGuffey's Readers, some unit studies on Egypt, George Washington, General U.S. Grant.... and Mom says I have Saxon math somewhere around here. Still looking...

I've found a series of books in 'The Core Knowledge Series" titled "What Your 3rd Grader Needs to Know" Fundamentals of a Good Third Grade Education (for grades1-6).

Many A Beka Books and Teacher's Keys for Science, Geography, History, Vocabulary & Spelling, Government & Economics....

"I Love America" by Julianne S. Kimber (stories, songs, poems, projects, games & resource material).

"A Children's Companion Guide to America's History" by Catherine Millard. (I really like this one from what I can tell).

"Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills" only grades 2 and 4 so far.

Several "Learning Language Arts through Literature" (Debbie Strayer and Susan Simpson)

Some "Health for the Glory of God" booklets (Rod and Staff Publishers).

Now my head hurts, and I've got to rest. It actually hurt all along (I woke up with a migraine) but it's nearly intolerable now.